Nova Chan Bot

by herobuxx


Nova Chan


Heya, there! This repository is source of Nova Chan Bot. Nova Chan Bot is a modular group manager python based Telegram bot. It will help you to exceute useful command on your group. Such as saving chat as note, baning user, give warns to user, and much more! Nova Chan Bot is based on tg_bot by our kind guy Paul Larsen.


Let's make it easy for anyone who want to learn. Let's use Heroku to deploy th bot.

  • Go to Bot Father on your Telegram. Make new bot and grab the Bot API KEY.
  • Click thie button bellow and fill them.


  • Enjoy!


Without all people bellow, this bot will be never done.

  • Paul Larsen (Marie bot creator which used as the base)
  • The Real Nova Chan (I used her name here ;P Thank you so much UwU)
  • [Mizukito Akito/Ral Akito] ( (Haruka Aya bot creator. Inspired by him.)