by heroes232



Web application that indexes all popular torrent sites, and saves it to the local database.

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  • Crawl multiple index sites for torrents and magnet links.
  • Run without ceremony. No pointless configuration needed.
  • High performance, leveraging Elixir's GenServer and Erlang's BEAM VM.
  • Unit tested for correctness.


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Parser List

Magnetissimo currently fetches torrents from the following sites:

Usage Guide

Please check the Wiki pages for instructions on how to run Magnetissimo.

Available endpoints

GET / Search page

This endpoint serves an HTML page that supports searching through available torrents that have been fetched from torrent websites.

GET /summary

This endpoint shows a summary of the data in the database, essentially, a tally of how many torrents exist in the DB per torrent website.

GET /exqui

This endpoint is served by the ExqUI library (similar to Sidekiq's Web UI), shows currently running Exq workers, enqueued and canceled. Requires that mix exq.ui is running.