by heroku



connect to private spaces heroku postgres databases from peered vpcs


Deploying this app will create a single bounceback dyno in your space that exposes a pgbouncer/stunnel server on your dyno private network. This pgbouncer instance is accessible from VPCs peered to your space.

By setting the BOUNCEBACK_URLS config var, you may configure a comma separated list of endpoints that reside inside your peered VPC that accept a json post anytime the IP address or credentials for the pgbouncer change, which is every time the web dyno running pgbouncer is restarted.

NOTE please assure the endpoints you configured are secure, by either having them reside in your peered VPC or by using TLS + basic auth.

The endpoints will receive a payload with the correct _PGBOUNCER url for each database attached to the app, for example: