Django Channels Example

by heroku


Try out Django Channels today!

This is an example app demonstrating how to use (and deploy) Django Channels. It's a simple real-time chat app — like a very, very light-weight Slack. There are a bunch of rooms, and everyone in the same room can chat, in real-time, with each other (using WebSockets).

To deploy to Heroku:

First, press the Heroku button to deploy the app:


Once the app [finishes deploying](Screenshot 2016-03-23 12.23.19.png), press Manage App, and turn on the worker dyno by pressing the pencil icon and toggling the on switch:

![Edit](Screenshot 2016-03-24 13.25.26.png) ![Turn on and confirm](Screenshot 2016-03-24 13.25.46.png) ![Turn on](Screenshot 2016-03-24 13.25.54.png) ![Confirm](Screenshot 2016-03-24 13.26.03.png)

Then you're ready to use the app! You can press the Open App button on your Heroku dashboard, and make your own chatroom. For DjangoCon attendees, now you can come back to our booth, show us your app, and we'll give you a brand new pair of limited-edition Heroku socks.

Further Reading

For a walkthrough of what's going on here, see Jacob Kaplan-Moss's article over on the Heroku blog.

To get a walkthrough of how to run this app locally, see Jacob's original GitHub repo.