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Dreamhouse Disco

Interactive jukebox app to demo Heroku basics

If you are looking for a previous version of Dreamhouse Disco, you might find it over here.


Deploy to Heroku


Run Dreamhouse Disco locally

git clone git@github.com:heroku/dreamhouse-disco.git
yarn start-dev

This will compile the Create React App, fire up the server to communicate with Travolta, and compile the sass styles.

Once it starts, visit http://localhost:3000.

Note: To define a port other than 3000, pass an env var of PORT. For example, PORT=4567 yarn start-dev.

Running Travola locally

Travolta handles incoming messages for the Dreamhouse Disco Dreamforce demo app.

To connect to a specific instance of Travolta, pass an env var of TRAVOLTA_URL.

git clone git@github.com:heroku/dreamhouse-disco.git
npm install
npm run build
TRAVOLTA_URL="http://localhost:7000" npm start


To build Dreamhouse Disco, run yarn build.

This will build the Create React App and compile the sass files. Once built, you can run yarn start to serve the build folder, and visit http://localhost:5000 to see it in action.