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This README would normally document whatever steps are necessary to get the application up and running.

Things you may want to cover:

Ruby version

Ruby 2.5.0

System dependencies


Database creation

bin/rails db:setup

Database initialization

bin/rails db:migrate
bin/rails db:seed

How to run the test suite

Services (job queues, cache servers, search engines, etc.)

PostgreSQL is the only external service this app uses. See below for dev setup of PostgreSQL using Docker.

Deployment instructions

Development Setup

Docker is required for dev setup. It's easy to install from here. It is used to run PostgreSQL. So if you have PostgreSQL installed locally, you'll need to stop the service.

  1. Clone the repo and cd into the directory.
  2. Install all dependencies with bundle install --path=vendor/bundle --binstubs=bin/bundle.
  3. Get PostgreSQL running with docker-compose up (you can use docker-compose up -d to run in the background, but don't forget to run docker-compose down to stop it when you're done.).
  4. Follow Database creation and Database initialization steps above.
  5. bin/rails server

Production Setup

  1. Deploy
    This will deploy the app with a Heroku Postgres add-on, create the schema in the database, and seed the database with unit, question, and user data.