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DEPRECATED: See the blog post for more information.

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This is a Go app which takes Heroku Log drains and parses the router and dyno information, and then pushes metrics to influxdb.


Setup Influx

Create a db, user and password, and write the details + hostname and port down.

Deploy to Heroku

Deploy to Heroku

Add the drain to an app

heroku drains:add https://<lumbermill_app> --app <the-app-to-mill-for>

You'll then start getting metrics in your influxdb host!

Environment Variables

  • CRED_STORE: user1:pass1|user2:pass2|userN:passN -- Basic Auth credentials for HTTP endpoints.
  • DEBUG: Turn on debug mode
  • INFLUXDB_USER: User that has permissions to write to the database
  • INFLUXDB_PWD: Password for the user
  • INFLUXDB_NAME: Database name in InfluxDB
  • INFLUXDB_HOSTS: InfluxDB hosts in the hash ring.
  • INFLUXDB_SKIP_VERIFY: Skip TLK verification?
  • LIBRATO_TOKEN: Librato token for posting metrics to
  • LIBRATO_OWNER: User that owns said token
  • LIBRATO_SOURCE: Source for Librato metrics.
  • PORT: