Getting Started No Code

by heroku



This application that can be used to sync (and then view) data from Salesforce using Heroku Connect.

It supports the Getting Started on Heroku with Heroku Connect article - go check it out.

The article demonstrates how to set up and manage this app without requiring you to install any development tools.


The easiest way to deploy this is to push the button:



If you are not yet a Heroku verified account holder, clicking the Heroku button will prompt you to sign up for Heroku first, and enter billing details. These details are required for abuse prevention - running this app in the standard configuration won't incur any costs.


After you verify your Heroku account, clicking the Heroku button will create an app, a database, and a demo instance of Heroku Connect. Following the resulting link will guide you through final configuration in the Heroku Connect UI.

Please make sure that you are in the intended Heroku app context, as you may not be defaulted to the new Heroku Connect app if you have multiple instances already running.