by hico-horiuchi


🔮 botkit-omikuji-command


Randomly selection from choices like "omikuji."
This command is implemented by Botkit.

Add to Slack Deploy


First, you must create a Slack app at Slack API: New Application | Slack.
And make sure to configure at least one Slash command.

You can test your oauth authentication locally.
But, the app must be hosted at a publicly reachable IP or host to use Slash commands in Slack.
So, I recommend to use Heroku as follows.

$ heroku create --stack cedar omikuji-command
$ heroku config:set BOTKIT_SLACK_CLIENT_ID=""
$ heroku config:set BOTKIT_SLACK_CLIENT_SECRET=""
$ heroku config:set TZ=Asia/Tokyo
$ git push heroku master