by HistoryMemeBot



This is a Python bot that looks up posts from specified subreddits and automatically posts them on Twitter and/or Mastodon. It is based on reddit-twitter-bot. Tootbot is now used by a wide variety of social media accounts.


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  • Tootbot can post to both Twitter and Mastodon
  • Tootbot can either run locally, or in the cloud with a free Heroku account
  • Media from direct links, Gfycat, Imgur, Reddit, and Giphy is automatically attached in the social media post
  • Links that do not contain media can be skipped, ideal for meme accounts like @badreactiongifs
  • NSFW content, spoilers, and self-posts can be filtered
  • Tootbot can monitor multiple subreddits at once
  • Tootbot is fully open-source, so you don't have to give an external service full access to your social media accounts

Tootbot uses the tweepy, PRAW, py-gfycat, imgurpython, Pillow, and libraries. The Heroku version also uses the redis-py library.


The developers of Tootbot hold no liability for what you do with this script or what happens to you by using this script. Abusing this script can get you banned from Twitter and/or Mastodon, so make sure to read up on proper usage of the API for each site.

Setup and usage

For instructions on setting up and using Tootbot, please visit the wiki.