by Hooning

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A Simple Authenticated Webhook for API.AI with Node.js.

Copyrights from : https://github.com/supermamon/apiai-nodejs-webhook-sample

Coffee Ordering Chatbot Program

with Dialogflow(aka API.AI) + Slack Integration

  1. Make an account for Dialogflow (chatbot platform) : https://console.dialogflow.com/api-client/#/login

  2. Create a new agent : https://console.dialogflow.com/api-client/#/newAgent

  3. Edit agent import Entities and Intents from .ZIP file : https://console.dialogflow.com/api-client/#/editAgent Choose this file => ["CoffeeMeBot.zip" - API.AI Entities and intents for slack integration]

  4. Select Fulfillment menu from selected agent then fill appropriate information

    above token value will be checked in Webhook server.

  5. Select Integrations menu from selected agent then activate the slack integration : Sign in to already created workspace from slack, then you are ready to go for the test

This Chatbot program was created for self study. I have not connected to proper database, just used .txt file for temporal use of input data.

Most basic communication with Chatbot was available with Dialogflow chatbot platform, But when I needed some data to remember the order from the customer, I have used the webhook to validated or update the data.