Hull Processor

by hull-ships


Hull Processor Ship.

Run code to update User Properties and generate Events whenever Users are updated or perform events.

If you want your own instance: Deploy

End-Users: See Readme here

Using :

  • Go to your Hull Dashboard > Ships > Add new
  • Paste the URL for your Heroku deployment, or use ours :

Developing :

  • Fork
  • Install
npm install -g gulp
npm install


  1. Due to merging and diff calculating strategy, following use scenario can lead to an unexpected result:
    user.traits.custom_ids = ["A", "B", "C"];
    traits({ custom_ids: ["A", "B"] });
    // processor ignores removing that array element
  2. We are in the transition to switch from using changes parameter in user:update notifications to explicit events like Attribute Changes or Segment Changes, which bring cleaner data model. Since some of the events are not emitted by the platform, during migration phase those events will be excluded from events array in the processor script to prevent unexpected behavior change.


These are log messages that are specific for Processor Connector : info : * compute.console.log - these are additional logs that should be displayed after compute * incoming.user.start - logged when a user start being computed * incoming.user.success - logged after successful computing traits about user in user-update * incoming.user.skip - logged if user hasn't been changed at at all. * incoming.account.success - logged after successful computing traits about account in user-update * - logged after successful linking for account * incoming.user.error - logged when encountered error during compute operation (sandbox boolean shows if the error occured inside the sandbox code or in the processor code itself)

error :
  * - logged when encountered error during user events fetch
  * fetch.user.segments.error - logged when encountered error during user segments fetch
  * - logged when encountered problems during search for user reports
  * fetch.user.error - logged when encountered error during user fetch


  • Settings are empty - error - returned when we have no script code saved in the settings
  • Settings are referencing invalid values - error - returned when we have a script with syntax error