Gollum on Heroku

by iainbeeston

GitHub Readme.md

Gollum on Heroku

auto generate git powered wiki (Gollum) to Heroku.


  • sync to GitHub
  • simple basic authentication
  • can use multi git source

Use Deploy to Heroku button

  • Click Deploy to Heroku button
  • Fill App name
  • Fill environment variables
variable description GITHUB_TOKEN An access key for GitHub. If this field is empty, updated data will be deleted after reboot dyno. GIT_REPO_URL_1 Git repository URL. e.g https://github.com/naoa/test https://github.com/naoa/test.wiki GIT_REPO_URL_2~ Git repository URL. any num is ok. AUTHOR_NAME git config user.name AUTHOR_EMAIL git config user.email BASIC_AUTH_USERNAME if need protect by basic authentication BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD if need protect by basic authentication BASIC_AUTH_MANAGE_ONLY if need protect only manage actions such as edit/create. GOLLUM_H1_TITLE default: true GOLLUM_UNIVERSAL_TOC default: false GOLLUM_ALLOW_EDITING default: true GOLLUM_LIVE_PREVIEW default: false GOLLUM_ALLOW_UPLOADS default: true GOLLUM_SHOW_ALL default: true GOLLUM_COLLAPSE_TREE default: false GOLLUM_IS_BARE default: false / If this is true, Git repository URL must include .git extension
  • Add heroku repository(if need)
git clone git@heroku.com:[App name].git
cd [App name]
git remote add heroku git@heroku.com:[App name].git

Use local

bundle exec rackup config.ru

URL mapping

  • 1 repository
  https://[App_name].herokuapp.com/ -> repo_1
  • over 2 repositories
  https://[App_name].herokuapp.com/repo_1 -> repo_1
  https://[App_name].herokuapp.com/repo_2 -> repo_2




Naoya Murakami