Baby Buddy

by iamliamnorton


Baby Buddy

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A buddy for babies! Helps caregivers track sleep, feedings, diaper changes, and tummy time to learn about and predict baby's needs without (as much) guess work.

Baby Buddy desktop view

Baby Buddy mobile views


A demo of Baby Buddy is available on Heroku. The demo instance resets every hour. Login credentials are:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin


⚠️ Baby Buddy is still in early development and does not yet have a stable production deployment flow. ⚠️



Once the app is deployed, log in with the default credentials (admin/admin).



pip install pipenv
pipenv install --dev
npm install -g gulp-cli
npm install
gulp migrate

Open and log in with the default user name and password (admin/admin).

Fake data

Add some fake data to the database with the following command:

gulp fake

By default, fake creates one child and 31 days of random data. Use the --children and --days flags to change the default values, e.g. gulp fake --children 5 --days 7 to generate five fake children and seven days of data for each.


❗️ Tests require static files to be collected, it may be necessary to execute gulp build && gulp collectstatic before tests (if static files have changed).

gulp test