Synology NAS Bot

by idealhack


Synology NAS Bot

🤖 A Telegram bot for Synology NAS


  • Create download tasks

Note: this bot should be full featured later by wrapping Synology’s CGI-based API, though it’s OK to use it now.


  1. Deploy to Heroku
  2. Talk to @BotFather on Telegram, create your bot.
  3. Open your Heroku app Settings page, set these Config Variables:
    • SYNOLOGY_NAS_BOT_TOKEN: The bot’s API token, @BotFather just told you that
    • SYNOLOGY_NAS_BOT_OWNER: Your Telegram username, A robot must obey the orders given it by its master
    • SYNOLOGY_NAS_BOT_URL: Synology URL, should be this form:
    • SYNOLOGY_NAS_BOT_ACCOUNT: Synology account name
    • SYNOLOGY_NAS_BOT_PASSWORD: Synology account password
  4. Open your Heroku app Resources page, make sure the bot is running.
  5. Talk to your lovely bot, it’s all yours.


moviemagnetbot: create (Magnet/eD2k/FTP) download tasks by RSS feed


Open your Heroku app View logs page, see what’s going on.


Bugs? Features? Issues and pull requests are welcome.