Linguee API

by imankulov


Linguee API

Linguee provides excellent dictionary and translation memory service. Unfortunately, there is no way you can get automated access to it. Linguee API fixes the problem. It acts as a proxy and converts their HTML responses to easy to use JSON API.

API endpoint

Proxy provides a single API endpoint at GET /api. Accepted arguments:

  • q: query string, word or text to translate
  • src: source language (as a two-letter code)
  • dst: target language (as a two-letter code)

Sample installation

Sample installation is available at That's how you translate word "bacalhau" from Portuguese to English:


Supported languages

API supports all languages, supported by Linguee. As in Linguee, not all language pairs are valid though. Supported languages: bg (Bulgarian), cs (Czech), da (Danish), de (German), el (Greek), en (English), es (Spanish), et (Estonian), fi (Finnish), fr (French), hu (Hungarian), it (Italian), ja (Japan), lt (Lithuanian), lv (Latvian), mt (Maltese), nl (Dutch), pl (Polish), pt (Portuguese), ro (Romanian), ru (Russian), sk (Slovak), sl (Solvene), sv (Swedish), zh (Chinese).

Terms and Conditions

If you use the API, make sure you comply with Linguee Terms and Conditions, and in particular with that clause:

Both private and business usage of services is free of charge. It is however strictly prohibited to forward on our services to third parties against payment