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Corker is one astonishing boi.

Giving feedback leads to a better workplace. Corker is a Slack bot that listens to your props to other Slack members and records them.


corker in action


This is a rough draft of the path the project is taking.

  • Send high fives through Slack commands
  • Highest sender & receiver stats
  • Record reactions from Slack
  • See a feed of org high fives

You can find the complete feature and task list in the project Trello board.


We are using asdf to manage tool dependencies. Our recommendation is that you also use it, since the .tool-versions is always up to date regarding the languages and respective versions we are using.

We are also using direnv to autoload environment variables.

The project uses the SLACK_BOT_OAUTH_TOKEN env variable. You can choose not to use direnv, but you must have this variable available.

To get a bot OAuth token, follow this guide.

git clone
bin/setup # this sets up pretty much everything
bin/server # this runs the project

And done! You are ready to rock.

If you intend on making a contribution, don't forget to run bin/lint


Feel free to contribute.

If you found a bug, open an issue. You can also open a PR for bugs or new features. Your PRs will be reviewed and subject to our style guide and linters.

We have a list of tasks available at the project Trello board. All contributions must follow the Code of Conduct.