Django Chatbot

by inoks


Django Chatbot hosted on Heroku

Django Chatbot with the background tasks processing and communications via WebSockets.

For more details please check my article - Heroku Chatbot with Celery, WebSockets, and Redis.


You can host it on Heroku for free (account verification required).


Technology Stack

  • Django as a main Web Framework
  • Django Channels as WebSockets framework
  • Celery as a Asynchronous task queue
  • Redis as a Message Broker and Cache Backend
  • Daphne as a HTTP and WebSocket protocol server
  • Heroku as a Hosting Platform

Supported commands

  • sum <x> <y> - Calculate sum of two integers
  • status <url> - Check website status

Need some help?

Here the Slack channel #django-chatbot