Concur WebFlow Sample

by ismaelc


Concur Web Flow Sample

Configurable and zero-coding Concur Web Flow live demo in Heroku. You don't need to know Heroku to get this up and running. Watch this short 3-minute video on how to set one up.

Below is a screenshot from the video:


You can also try a pre-configured live demo sample here

Deploying to Heroku

Click the button below to deploy to your Heroku account.


Important Notes

The only SCOPEs supported for now are ITINER (Itinerary) and ERECPT (E-Receipts). You can only use one at a time.

For Itinerary, you need to have existing itineraries in your Concur sandbox. For E-Receipts, you need to have your E-Receipt API access turned on, to submit an E-Receipt successfully. Consult with your Concur rep, or email

For more information on the Concur Web Flow, click here