by istinee


How To Host

The easiest way to deploy this Bot

Get STRING_NAME from here:


Mandatory Vars.

  • Some Of The Mandatory Vars Are :-
    • API_ID : Give API_ID of your Alternate Telegram Account. also get from here
    • API_HASH : Give API_HASH of your Alternate Telegram Account. also get from here
    • STRING_NAME : Make a string session from here
    • BOT_TOKEN : Make a Bot from @Botfather and fill it's bot token.
    • SUDO_USERS : Fill Userid of yhe users whom you want to be able to control the bot. You can add multiple id by giving a space in b/w each id.

Commands 🛠

  • /play <song name> - play song you requested
  • /playlist - Show now playing list
  • /current - Show now playing
  • /song <song name> - download songs you want quickly
  • /search <query> - search videos on youtube with details
  • /video <song name> - download videos you want quickly

Admins only.

  • /player - open music player settings panel
  • /pause - pause song play
  • /resume - resume song play
  • /skip - play next song
  • /end - stop music play
  • /userbotjoin - invite assistant to your chat
  • /userbotleave - remove assistant from your chat
  • /reload - Refresh admin list




Copy example.env to .env and fill it with your credentials.

The good way

  1. Install Python requirements:
    pip install -U -r requirements.txt
  2. Run:


  1. Build:
    docker build -t musicplayer .
  2. Run:
    docker run --env-file .env musicplayer


GNU Affero General Public License v3.0

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