Faktory/Rails Demo

by jagthedrummer

GitHub Readme.md

Faktory Rails Demo App

This is a tiny demo app to show how to use Faktory in a Rails project.

Running this project locally

Start your faktory server.

$ faktory

Then start a worker

$ faktory-worker

Then run a rake task to queue up 10 jobs

$ rake queue_jobs

You should see some output in your faktory-worker console indicating that the jobs are being picked up and processed.

Deploying to Heroku

Just click the button below to deploy this project to heroku. If you're alread in the Konglomerate beta program then the konglomerate add-on will be automatically provisioned for you.

I'f you're not yet in the Konglomerate beta-program, you can request an invitation here: http://konglomerate.io


After your app is deployed you can watch the heroku process logs by doing something this:

$ heroku logs --tail -a your-new-app

Then in a seperate console start your Faktory worker:

$ heroku ps:scale worker=1 -a your-new-app

And then queue some jobs:

$ heroku run rake queue_jobs

In the console where you're tailing the logs you should see some activity.

Then don't forget to shut down the worker:

$ heroku ps:scale worker=0 -a your-new-app