Hello Spring Boot

by jamesward

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Hello Spring Boot

Experience the full round-trip development and deployment lifecycle without a CLI but with a fully self bootstrapping local development environment. This app uses Java, Spring Boot, Gradle, and Atom making it super easy to get started building web apps and microservices on Heroku.

  1. Deploy this app on Heroku: Deploy
  2. Download the source for this app: https://github.com/jamesward/hello-springboot/archive/master.zip
  3. Unzip the source and run gradlew to launch the local server and Atom code editor
  4. Check out your local app: http://localhost:8080/
  5. Make a change to the src/main/java/com/example/HelloSpringBootApplication.java file
  6. Watch as your server reloads the changes and then check them out in your browser: http://localhost:8080/
  7. From Atom, deploy your changes to Heroku by selecting the Heroku menu, then Login. Once logged in, select the Heroku menu, then Deploy, then the app you want to deploy to.
  8. Once your app changes are deployed, check them out and you are done!

Watch a Demo

Demo Video