Agora Web SDK Quickstart

by jamfang



The Agora Web Tutorial for 1to1 Sample App is an open-source demo that will help you get video chat integrated directly into your web applications using the Agora Video SDK.

With this sample app, you can:

  • Video chat between Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera browsers as well as Agora Native (iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows) SDK clients
  • Join / leave channel
  • Mute / unmute audio
  • Enable / disable video

This demo is written in Javascript

A full-fledged demo can be found here: Agora-WebRTC-Communications-Demo.

Agora Video SDK supports iOS / Android / Windows / macOS etc. You can find demos of these platform here:

Running the App

First, create a developer account at, and obtain an App ID.


Next, simply click the link above to deploy on Heroku, or host the demo app on your own web server, and put in your AppID.

Developer Environment Requirements

WebRTC camera and microphone access require secure origins, so please ensure your web server is serving HTTPS. For more detail, please see the link below:

Contact Us

  • You can find full API document at Document Center
  • You can file bugs about this demo at issue


The MIT License (MIT).