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Workbench is a powerful, web-based suite of tools designed for administrators and developers to interact with organizations via the APIs. Workbench includes robust support for the Partner, Bulk, Rest, Streaming, Metadata, and Apex APIs that allows users to describe, query, manipulate, and migrate both data and metadata in organizations directly in their web browser with a simple and intuitive user interface. Workbench also provides many advanced features for testing and troubleshooting the APIs, such as customizable SOAP headers, debug logs for API traffic, backward compatibility testing with previous API versions, and single sign-on integration within the Salesforce application.

Getting Started

Workbench is publicly hosted at and is also available for download for private installation. Workbench can also be deployed to Heroku, which is great for spinning up a public instance during development in a fork:

Deploy to Heroku

For installation of Workbench, please see the installation section of the wiki.


If you running into problems, post a message on the Workbench discussion group. Please note that the Workbench is NOT a supported product of or supported by, inc.

Learning more about Workbench

A special thank you to JetBrains for donating an open source license for PhpStorm used for developing Workbench.

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