Node Demo w/ Salesforce & S

by jeffdonthemic



This is a sample account CRUD application using the Lightning Design System enabling you to easily build applications with the look and feel that is consistent with Salesforce Experience core features.


If you are not familiar with Lightning Design System, please see our Trailhead module to get started with Visualforce. There is also a tutorial for using LDS with Lightning apps and components.

The application uses nforce for the Salesforce REST API, handlebars for logic-less templating and bluebird for Promises.

Deploy to Heroku

Deploy this app to Heroku for free and have it up and running in a matter of minutes. You'll need the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret from your org's Connected App for the setup process.


Local Installation Instructions

From the command line type in:

git clone
cd nforce-node-demo
npm install

Enter your Connected App settings and login credentials into .env-sample and rename the file to .env.

source .env
npm start

Point your browser to: http://localhost:3001 and experience the magic.