Node-RED Salesforce

by jeffdonthemic



A Node-RED instance for Heroku with pre-installed Salesforce nodes.

With the node-red-contrib-salesforce flows you can easily:

  • Issue SOQL and SOSL queries
  • Perform DML statements (create, update, upsert and delete)
  • Parse the XML from a Salesforce Outbound Message to a JSON object
  • Create clients that subscribe to PushTopics for the Streaming API

For more information, see the node-red-contrib-salesforce package.

To add additional functionality, git pull the repo locally, use npm to install any packages you may want and the git push back to Heroku.

A fork from node-red-heroku as it use MongoDB to store flows. This is needed as flows are typically store on the disk but are whipped out each time Heroku restarts dynos.

Deploy to Heroku

Deploy this app to Heroku for free and have it up and running in a matter of minutes.


Flow Editor Credentials

The flow editor UI (/red) is password protected if you include the following environment variables: