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Useful checker web app to see how close you are to achieving the requirements for a free t-shirt as part of Hacktoberfest.




My plan for this year's edition was to use next.js but sadly I ran out of time (starting the night before October may not have been the best plan!). If anyone fancies learning next.js along with me take a look at the nextjs branch where I start from scratch or the nextjs2 branch where I convert the existing app to nextjs. In case you hadn't worked it out already, JS is not my area of expertise, but one of the things I use this repo for is to keep up with JS and various libraries and things I read about and nextjs is something I like the look of.

So whether the nextjs version sees the light of day or not, I've still made a few updates to the existing app for 2019:

  • Updated the logo and color scheme to fit the new theme
  • Used a hexagon for the user image
  • Updated a few underlying libraries

I'll try and get some issues up which I think might be good things to contribute.

I've removed the issue and pull request templates as I find them more of a barrier than anything. That said, I'm not opposed to reviewing new versions should anyone wish to PR.

Finally, I have to give a big shout out to DigitalOcean and Dev for yet another awesome event and their support for this checker app also.

Doesn't DigitalOcean have their progress checker now?

They do! However, I still think it's worth having a checker that doesn't require auth and allows you to check on your mates (or celebrity developers!).

Happy hacking!


  • Node v10+

Recommended to use NVM

Running the app

  • Generate a GitHub personal access token to ensure you don't get rate limited as often.

  • Create a .env file using .env.example as an example. Or export the GitHub token as an environment variable for Node.js to use:

    • Mac/Linux: export GITHUB_TOKEN=YOUR_TOKEN
    • Windows (cmd.exe): set GITHUB_TOKEN=YOUR TOKEN
    • Windows (PowerShell): $env: GITHUB_TOKEN=YOUR TOKEN
  • $ npm install

  • $ npm run tailwind-gen

  • $ npm start

  • Point browser to localhost:5000

Want to run the API server and the frontend in their processes? Use this:

$ npm run start-frontend
$ npm run start-server

or in a single command...

$ npm run start-development

Running the app within Docker

As an alternative to the section above, you can run the app within a Docker container:

  • $ docker build -t hacktoberfest-checker .

  • $ docker run -p 5000:5000 -e "GITHUB_TOKEN=YOUR_TOKEN" hacktoberfest-checker

or use the docker-compose

  • $ docker-compose up --build

Changing styling

Styling is done through tailwind as much as possible no CSS should be added and class names favoured. However, there will be occasions where custom CSS is required, in this case you need to edit style.css and run npm run tailwind-gen to generate the new CSS file.

Note: You should never directly edit index.css


MIT © 2015-2019 Ian Jenkins