Spotify playlist to Slack

by jereme



STONKS enables publishing updates from a Spotify Playlist to a Slack channel. It is built for easy deployment to Heroku using Ruby programming language. For running locally or in non-Heroku environments, please use Foreman.

STONKS is inspired by the spotify-playlist-2-slack application by petterl.


STONKS requires that specific environment variables be set either in Heroku or using .env files with Foreman.

EXECUTION_INTERVAL = An integer representing how often STONKS should poll for changes
SLACK_URL = A full qualified URL to a Slack integration publish webhook
SPOTIFY_CLIENT_ID = A Spotify developer client app ID
SPOTIFY_CLIENT_SECRET = A Spotify developer client app secret
SPOTIFY_USERNAME = The Spotify username of the user who owns the playlist
SPOTIFY_PLAYLIST = The ID of the Spotify playlist

Heroku Dyno Formation

The dyno formation for this application is worker=1 web=0.


STONKS relies on a few helpful libraries that deserve credit.


MIT. Copyright © 2015 Jereme Claussen

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