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FolderClone: A project that allows you copy large folders to Shared Drives.

Deploy on Heroku

  1. Fork this repository.
  2. Then clone your repository.
git clone
  1. Follow this repository to generate service accounts.
  2. Put all your service accounts (JSON Files) in accounts folder.
  3. Edit the values in
  4. Now open app.json file and change it as per the instructions in line 4 and line 7 and line 35 in
YOUR_UERNAME - Replace this with your github username.
YOUR_REPOSITORY_NAME - Replace this with your github repository name.
  1. Push the files to your github repository.
  2. Use Deploy To Heroku Button


Usage in telegram bot

/folderclone <source_id> <dest_id> <thread> <view> <skip>

source_id - Drive ID of the folder you want to copy from. (Required)

dest_id - Drive ID of the folder you want to copy into. (Required)

thread - Amount of threads to use. The higher the more resource it requires. Default - 25

view - 0 - Tree View. 1 - Basic View. Default - Tree View.

skip - ID of the folder to skip to. Default - None.

Details about skipping

This is for those that host bot on heroku. Since heroku recycle their dyno approximately every 24 hr, things might stop halfway during cloning.

Folder IDs are printed along side with the normal progress so you can use it for the skip parameter.

Delete all the files within the folder of which the process stopped at first before cloning again. (So that you won't get duplicates)

You need to specify the rest parameter if you want to use the skip parameter.

Example : /folderclone FSAF3213FD3S2341 FSAF3213FD3S2342 25 0 FSAF3DE45D3S2356

Note - Modified version of from Multifolderclone.

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