Markov bot

by joaorafaelm


markov bot

a bot that writes like you do

Add to a telegram group chat and it will generate pseudo random sentences.

Running locally

1. Download

$ git clone
$ cd markov-bot

2. Requirements

$ pipenv install --dev

3. Env vars

In order to run the bot, you need to define the env var TELEGRAM_TOKEN (to generate a bot token follow these instructions):

$ cp local.env .env
$ vim .env

4. Run tests

$ make test

4. Run the bot

$ make run

5. Permissions

Disable the bot privacy settings (it means that the bot will receive all messages, not just the ones starting with "/"). Run /sentence (or the command you defined using the env var SENTENCE_COMMAND) to generate random sentences. If you wish to delete the model, run /remove.

Have fun :)