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Saleor Storefront

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Note: This project is beta quality. We don't advise using it in production.

A GraphQL-powered, PWA, single-page application storefront for Saleor.



See the public demo of Saleor Storefront!

Or launch the demo on a free Heroku instance.


Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes.


  • Node.js 10.0+

  • A running instance of Saleor.

    To run the storefront, you have to set the API_URI environment variable to point to the Saleor GraphQL API. If you are running Saleor locally with the default settings, set API_URI to: http://localhost:8000/graphql/.


Clone the repository:

git clone

Enter the project directory:

cd saleor-storefront

Install NPM dependencies:

npm i

Run the development server:

npm start

Go to http://localhost:3000 to access the storefront.


Add a new language pack file:

npm run add-locale <locale>

Update the list of available languages in the ./src/languages.ts file.

Extract messages from source files that need to be translated:

npm run extract

Compile messages:

npm run compile


This project is licensed under the BSD-3-Clause License - see the LICENSE file for details

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