Boomi Flow Pokedex Service

by jonjomckay


Boomi Flow Pokedex Service

This service is currently in development, and not yet recommended for use in production environments

Build Status

This service allows you to identify animals in your flows.


To build the application, you will need to have Maven 3 and a Java 8 implementation installed (OpenJDK and Oracle Java SE are both supported).

Now you can build the runnable shaded JAR:

$ mvn clean package


The application is a RestEASY JAX-RS application, that by default is run under the Jetty server on port 8080 (if you use the packaged JAR).


Running the following command will start the service listening on

$ java -jar target/service-pokedex.jar


The service is compatible with Heroku, and can be deployed by clicking the button below:

Deploy to Heroku


Contributions are welcome to the project - whether they are feature requests, improvements or bug fixes! Refer to for our contribution requirements.


This service is released under the MIT License.