Node User express API examples

by JordanHood


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Node.js User API

An API to manage a user persistence layer


  • The API exposes a user model with the following properties: id, email, forename, surname, date created
  • The following endpoints are exposed: create, read, update, delete
  • Can be consumed using Google Chrome's Postman. See repo for User_API.postman_collection file, which can be imported by Postman
  • Input is validated and sanitised with sequalize's build in validation


  1. Install node version v6.9.4
  2. App dependencies - npm install
  3. Install PostGres - to allow user data to be persisted the app requires a connection to an instance of PostGres SQL. The local connection string is specified in the config.js file.
  4. ensure that postgres is running brew services start postgresql if on mac os
  5. run createuser -P user_name replacing user_name with your current user name
  6. run createdb db_name replacing db_name with your current user name


  1. To start the Node.js server run npm start On startup the app will create a users table and insert some users read from scripts/baseData.json to use for storing, reading, writing, and deleting 'user' information


  • Unit tests are run with Mocha which can run with npm run test:coverage.
  • Linting is run using StandardJs which can be run with npm run lint.


Once the server is running, the api is documented using swagger, which can be accessed by going to http://localhost:3500/