Google Chrome on Heroku

by jormon



Getting Chrome up and running on Heroku!

This is a sister repo of jormon/minimal-chrome-on-heroku which operates on the heroku-16 stack without xvfb.

I tried to keep the number of gems as minimal as possible, though I did include Thor for potential future uses with different configuration flags, etc.

Here are the rough needs to get this to work / notes:

  • Be comfortable with cedar-14 if you want to use headless mode
  • There are some very hard-to-google configuration flags to set on your Chrome options, pay attention in the new_browser method if you're following along at home.
  • This uses the older heroku chrome xvfb buildpack.
  • This uses watir for ease of scripting, but feel free to use raw Selenium.


You can use the following button to deploy this to a test instance and check it out yourself!



Once you deploy, from your commandline, simply run the following command with heroku toolbelt:

$ heroku run -a <insert-created-app-name> "thor runner google"