Start on Heroku: PHP

by JoshBrading


Apex Legends nightbot

Apex Legends chat command for any bot that has a an URI fetch command system.

Works with: Nightbot, Ankhbot, Deepbot, Phantombot and probably more unknown.

Apex Legends Twitch streamers, this is a PHP script that uses the API statistics and gathers end-points of the Apex Legends Rank stats and forwards them to Nightbot.

This server-side script is making use of Nightbot's dynamic response system (mostly $(urlfetch)) with which you are able to fetch the resources forwarded by my Heroku App.

Do not worry! Nothing is saved server-side.

How to add commands to Nightbot

With chat:
"!commands add !command_name command_response"
With interface:

Here's what the response should contain for Nightbot to reply with your current rank:

  • Adjust the URL parameters to fit your purposes.

  • ?platform= (xbl, psn or origin.)
    xbl for Xbox One,
    psn for PS4,
    origin for PC.

  • &nick= (Your username on the specific platform.)

  • Specify a command after the &command= query parameter at the end of the URL in the $(urlfetch) method.
    In the example above I specified "rank" as for the current rank in the current season.


  • You CAN write custom text before and after $(urlfetch) in the response!
  • Do NOT forget to close any opening parantheses '(' with a closing ')' at the end!
  • You can let the user search for a player himself by doing ?platform=$(1)&nick=$(2). The user will have to put a platform and a nick as arguments separated by a space after your command.

Deployment to Heroku

replace $apikey = ''; in apexstats.php your api key. GET API KEY HERE

$ git init
$ git add -A
$ git commit -m "Initial commit"

$ heroku create
$ git push heroku master

$ heroku run python migrate

See also, a ready-made application, ready to deploy.

or fork this repo and press

Deploy to Heroku