Jenkins Slack Command Sample

by joshdholtz



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Start a build in Jenkins using a Slack Command

Slack Command

Incoming Webhook


  • Start a build
    • /jenkins MyAwesomeApp
  • Start a parameterized build
    • /jenkins MyAwesomeApp param1=value1 param2=value2

In Progress

  • Error handling when staring the build fails


1. Setup Slack integrations

  • Create a new "Slash Command"
    • Name command /jenkins
    • Set the URL to the url of your Heroku instance (created in step 3)
    • Method should be POST
    • Label should be 'Jenkins' or whatevs
  • Create a new "Inbound Webhook" (Optional)
    • Set the channel you would like to post to
    • Set the bot name Jenkins or whatevs

2. Setup environment variables on your Heroku instance

  • Required environment variables
  • SLACK_TOKEN - token from your "Slash Command"
  • JENKINS_URL - URL to your jenkins host
    • NOTE: if your jenkins requires authentication url will look like http://user:auth-token@your-jenkins-host:port. To obtain user authentication token click your name on the top right corner on every page, then click "Configure" to see your API token. (The URL $host/me/configure is a good shortcut.),
  • JENKINS_TOKEN - API token for jenkins job.
    • NOTE: you will need to enable remote builds for every job you would like to invoke remotely. Turn on "Trigger builds remotely (e.g., from scripts)" checkbox under Bild Triggers section in job configuration. Then input any random token and save. You will need to use the same token for all jobs you are planning to build from slack remotely, otherwise jenkins will fail with authentication error.
  • Optional environment variables
    • SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL - your incoming webhook URL

3. Spin up Heroku instance


4. Execute command in Slack

/jenkins MyAwesomeApp


How do I access my Jenkins server from behind a router?

I used with basic authentication to expose my Jenkins server

Can I integrate with fastlane and call different lanes?

You can! Make a parameterized build with a name called lane (or whatever you want to call it). Make this a string or choice parameter with all your build lanes available as choices (beta, inhouse, app_store). Then use this $lane in your build shell command in your job's configuration - bundle exec fasltane $lane.

To call this from Slack, all you need to do is send /jenkins MyAwesomeApp lane=beta.


Josh Holtz,, @joshdholtz


jenkins-slack-command is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.