Robinhood to CSV

by joshfraser


Robinhood to CSV

A Python script to export your Robinhood trades to a .csv file. Based on the Robinhood library by Rohan Pai. Read the back story on my blog.

Works on Python 2.7+ and 3.5+


pip install -r requirements.txt


For exporting stock trades, run:


For exporting options trades, run:


For Device_Token go to your browser

Go to Log out if you're already logged in
Right click > Inspect element
Click on Network tab
-Enter "token" in the input line at the top where it says "Filter URLs"
With the network monitor-er open, login to Robinhood
You'll see two new urls pop up that say "" and "/oauth2/token"
Click the one that's not 0 bytes in size
Click on Headers, then scroll down to the Request Payload section
Here, you'll see new JSON parameters for your login. What you'll need here is the device token.