Start on Heroku: JAICF

by just-ai


JAICF Bot template

Here is a ready to use JAICF bot template that can be run locally or deployed to Heroku server and connected to Google Assistant.

How to use

You can use this template locally on your PC or deploy it on Heroku server.

Run locally

To run this project locally just create a new project from source codes in IntelliJ IDEA and run Server.kt. This will start the server on port 8080.

Obtain global URL

You can then propagate your local instance to the Internet using ngrok. And then run ngrok http 8080 in the terminal to obtain public URL.

Copy this URL then and use it as a fulfillment URL in your Dialogflow agent (see below).

Deploy to Heroku

Just click on the button below to deploy this template on Heroku server.


  1. After deployment open the app and copy the URL of the app to clipboard.
  2. Then go to Dialogflow, create a new agent and setup a fulfillment URL.
  3. Enable fulfillment for every intent in you agent.
  4. Click on Google Assistant link on the left side bar to create a new Google Assistant Action connected to your Dialogflow agent.
  5. That's it! You now can start the app and see how you server responds with some responses.

How to upload code changes to Heroku

Please make the next steps to upload your changes on Heroku.

Install git and Heroku CLI. Run a terminal (or console) on your machine and type

heroku login
heroku git:clone -a <your Heroku application name>
cd <your Heroku application name>
git remote add origin
git pull origin master

You have to do these steps only once.

Once you are ready to upload your changes to Heroku, just type

git add .
git commit -am "some comments"
git push

Heroku will build and deploy your changes automatically.

Data persistence

This template uses mongoDB persistence layer available on Heroku. Heroku automatically creates a free sandbox database hosted by MongoLab.

During the local development a simple in-memory storage is used.


You're welcome to join a Slack community to share your ideas or ask questions regarding the JAICF usage.