Serverless Forms

by jwu56


Serverless Forms

This project is made for those who need to add custom HTML forms a static page or static website.

It is a simple nodejs server which forwards all POST submission by email. Inspired by the excellent formspree with the goal to be simpler to install and cheaper to host. No database, 100% server (nodejs), just sends the submissions by email.

Suggestion: you can automate the management of the subissions with tools like Huginn, node-red, IFTTT, Zappier


1 click deploy

Deploy in 1 click on heroku

Deploy in 1 click

Local install and use

1- type these 2 commands

$ npm install
  EMAIL_PASS="abcd" \
  EMAIL_PORT=587 \
  TO="" \
  npm start

2- Open http://localhost:8080 to see the HTML form which resides in form.html. Submit the form and it will send you an email with the content of the form.

3- You can customize the form, it will keep sending you all the field of the form by email.


Here are all the environment variables you can use

Env var description MESSAGE Message to displayed after the form submission. May contain HTML. Default: 'Thank you for your submission.' TO Email address to send the form to (your email) FROM Email address to use as sender address SITE_NAME Name of your site, will be displayed in the email title PORT Port to listen to for form submissions FORM Path to the HTML file containing the example form, defaults to ./form.html EMAIL_HOST SMTP config: see these options here EMAIL_PORT SMTP config: see these options here EMAIL_USER SMTP config: see these options here EMAIL_PASS SMTP config: see these options here