Shadowsocks+V2Ray-plugin Rapid

by K14Mua


Personal VPN


Click the button below to deploy to Heroku


0. Attention

Deployment requires registration of a heroku account, a email is required when registering a heroku account (otherwise the verification code cannot be brushed out).

An email address that can receive verification codes normally (, are not acceptable):

1. Verification

After the server is deployed, open app to display the webpage normally. After the address is filled with the path (for example:, the 403 page is displayed, which means the deployment is successful.

2. Client Configuration

QR code address:

(Change test to your own app name. If you changed the QR_Path (path to qr png, filled during deployment) variable, also change the corresponding qr_img to the modified one)

Use the client (Shadowsocks recommended) to scan the QR code.


Use Configuration file -> Address:

(Change test to your own app name)

Copy the details after opening and import it to the client.


Manual configuration:

Server: (change test to your app name)
Port: 443
Password: The password filled in during deployment
Encry Method: chacha20-ietf-poly1305 (or other methods you fill in)
Plugin: v2ray
Plugin Transport mode: websocket-tls
Hostname: Same as Server
Path: "/" + value of V2_Path in app Config Vars

Those without a client can also download from here (Android):