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A modular Telegram UserBot for Python which uses the Telethon library. It is made to help you do your usual client tasks without the hassle and also has some additional useful features.

Documentation Status

Heroku guide is available here.

Deploy to Heroku

Incase your Redis session renders invalid, stop your dyno & run the userbot locally again, it will delete your old session from Redis. Then re-run the userbot again, login and exit it and start your dyno on Heroku.


  • Python 3.7.3 or above.
  • A Telegram API key (API ID and hash).
  • Redis Endpoint and Password from Redis Labs
    • Redis session is optional but needed if you are planning to use AFK and PM-Permit.


Clone the repository.

$ git clone

Change the current directory to the cloned one.

$ cd TG-UserBot

Edit the config either using Nano/Vim or a Text Editor and put your ENV Vars in the same.

$ nano sample_config.ini
$ mv sample_config.ini config.ini

Install all the requirements using pip.

$ pip3 install --user -r requirements.txt

Run the UserBot once you have a valid configuration file.

$ python3 -m userbot


  • TG-UserBot Documentations: Official userbot documentations. Here you can find all the help you need to get the bot up and running and can also find all the documented commands.
    • Regular maintenance of docs is not possible thus some new commands may be missing from the same.
  • Telegram Support Group: Exclusive Telegram support group. On here you can ask for help, request a feature or provide feedback to improve the bot.Constructuive criticism is also appriciated


Either submit pull requests or create an issue on here.

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