Southwest Price Drop Bot

by kentharp



This tool lets you monitor the price of Southwest flights that you've booked. It will text you if the price drops below what you originally paid. Then you can re-book the same flight and get Southwest credit for the price difference.

You can log in with either:

  • The admin username/password combo, example: admin and the-admin-password-123
  • A phone number/password combo, example: 13034449999 and the-admin-password-123 (unformatted phone number WITH country code)

The second option is nice when giving out access to friends and family since it will only display alerts for the given phone number. Note that the password is the same for all accounts.


  1. Click this button: deploy
  2. Fill out the config variables and click Deploy
  3. Open up the Heroku Scheduler from your app's dashboard
  4. Add an hourly task that runs npm run task:check

When updates become available, you will have to deploy them yourself using the Heroku CLI. This app follows SemVer in its versioning, so make sure to read the release notes when deploying a major version change.