TiddlyWiki on Heroku

by kevinglover

GitHub Readme.md

TiddlyWiki on Heroku

TiddlyWiki setup to run well on Heroku.

Runs TiddlyWiki 5.1.18 or higher, using the built in web server.

The package.json file uses the start script to control options to the listen command, which can be set in the Heroku environment variables. Read the full listen of web server command parameters.

  • host: set to to bind to Heroku's system
  • port: set to $PORT as supplied by Heroku
  • readers: allows anonymous readers; set to $ADMIN for private wikis
  • writers: any authenticated user can write
  • username: set from $ADMIN
  • password: set from $PASSWORD


  • TiddlyMap
  • Markdown