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Find nearby Pokéstops


This utility depends on the Python requests library. To install:

sudo pip install requests


usage: python pokestop.py [-h] [--latitude LATITUDE] [--longitude LONGITUDE]
                          [--guid GUID] [--min MINIMUM] [--max MAXIMUM]
                          [--order {ASC,DESC}] [--limit LIMIT]
                          [--offset OFFSET] [--SACSID SACSID]
                          [--csrftoken CSRFTOKEN] [--save]

Find nearby Pokéstops

optional arguments:
  -h, --help             show this help message and exit
  --latitude LATITUDE    Coordinate latitude
  --longitude LONGITUDE  Coordinate longitude
  --guid GUID            Pokéstop ID
  --min MINIMUM          Minimum distance (meters)
  --max MAXIMUM          Maximum distance (meters)
  --order {ASC,DESC}     Results order
  --limit LIMIT          Results limit
  --offset OFFSET        Results offset
  --SACSID SACSID        SACSID cookie
  --csrftoken CSRFTOKEN  csrftoken cookie
  --save                 Save cookies to ~/.pokestop


Results are returned in JSON. Here is the format for a single Pokéstop entity:

    "distance": <distance (meters)>,
    "name": "<name of Pokéstop>",
    "bearing": <bearing from origin to Pokéstop (degrees)>,
    "latitude": <latitude coordinate>,
    "image": "<image of Pokéstop>",
    "guid": "<unique identifier of Pokéstop>",
    "compass": "<compass direction to Pokéstop>",
    "longitude": <longitude coordinate>

When several entities are returned, they come back in an array of entities.


To find the Pokéstops within 20 meters of the center of Times Square in New York City:

python pokestop.py --latitude 40.758903 --longitude -73.985131 --max 20


        "distance": 17,
        "name": "George M. Cohan Statue at Times Square",
        "bearing": 182,
        "latitude": 40.758746,
        "image": "http://www.panoramio.com/photos/small/24779431.jpg",
        "guid": "f51cc4736b2042549a8a9cf086e50d44.12",
        "compass": "S",
        "longitude": -73.985138
        "distance": 20,
        "name": "Francis Patrick Duffy (1871 - 1932)",
        "bearing": 43,
        "latitude": 40.759055,
        "image": "http://www.panoramio.com/photos/small/80872997.jpg",
        "guid": "9851cb13578d42f6bfa15c5e6f31919a.12",
        "compass": "NE",
        "longitude": -73.984988


If not set up correctly, you may get the following alert:

Log into https://www.ingress.com/intel and copy the following cookies:

For more information, visit https://github.com/kevinselwyn/pokestop

You need to collect some cookies from https://www.ingress.com/intel to proceed. Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to https://www.ingress.com/intel
  2. Log in with your Google account
  3. Gather the SACSID and csrftoken cookies

To gather cookies, you will have the greatest success with a cookie viewer plugin for your browser.

After you gather the cookies, you have several options:

  1. Include each on the commandline using the --SACSID and --csrftoken flags (these will have to be included on every run)
  2. Place them in a JSON-formatted file named ~/.pokestop (ex: {"SACSID":"<SACSID cookie>","csrftoken":"<csrftoken cookie>"})
  3. Place them in the pokestop.py file itself in the COOKIES constant

Note: If you choose Option 1 (command-line arguments), you can add the --save flag to save them to a ~/.pokestop file


To start locally:

python api.py --port 8000

You may also deploy to Heroku to set up your own REST API for easy web access to all Pokéstops.

Follow the steps on Heroku's website here to deploy or click this button:


API info:

Endpoint Notes /nearby Find nearby Pokéstops given a lat/lng /pokestop Get information on a specific Pokéstop given a guid

All call require SACSID and csrftoken (can be gathered by following the instructions in the Setup section above).

/nearby requires latitude and longitude

/pokestop requires guid

Here are all the fields that can be used (same functions/explanations as the Usage section above):

Field SACSID csrftoken guid latitude longitude minimum maximum order limit

Example API call:

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{
    "latitude": "40.758903",
    "longitude": "-73.985131",
    "max": "20",
    "SACSID": "<SACSID cookie>",
    "csrftoken": "<csrftoken cookie>"
}' "http://app-name-123.herokuapp.com/nearby"

This will yield the same output as in the Example section above.


These may or may not violate some Terms of Service for Niantic Lab's Ingress and Pokémon GO. Use at your own risk.