Intercom Reverse Proxy

by kfrancis


Intercom Reverse Proxy on Heroku

Run a reverse ssl termination proxy using nginx on Heroku so that you can use a custom domain with Intercom in the simpliest possible way. Yes, you still need to setup the SSL but Heroku's ACM makes that easy and you'll need a CNAME/ALIAS record but still, this is much easier than mucking around.



  • Use the Deploy to Heroku button above to create a copy of the app, then configure the CUSTOM_DOMAIN config variable.
  • Add a credit card, upgrade to a paid dyno (hobby).
  • Enable ACM (Let's Encrypt certificate managed completely by Heroku).
  • Add your custom domain to the new Heroku app and add the related CNAME DNS record. I highly recommend DNSimple
  • Wait (for the gerbils).
  • Bingo.

Config Variables

  • CUSTOM_DOMAIN - should be your domain (no scheme) that you set in the Intercom Help Center Settings. Eg.

help center domain on intercom


Updated to heroku-16 stack and recent community build pack for nginx.

Based on funwhilelost/heroku-reverse-proxy who at least had something that wasn't based on cedar.

Support via PayPal