line bot - LINE Messaging API

by kinlin99


Kitchen Sink Bot

A kitchen-sink LINE bot example


Install npm dependencies:

npm run build-sdk # build SDK installed from local directory
npm install

Also, FFmpeg and ImageMagick should be installed to test image and video echoing.

About local dependencies

Currently, @line/bot-sdk is installed from local directory.

  "@line/bot-sdk": "../../"

To install @line/bot-sdk from npm, please update the line with the following:

  "@line/bot-sdk": "*"

In the case, npm run build-sdk needn't be run before npm install.


Configuration can be done via environment variables.

export BASE_URL=https://your.base.url # for static file serving
export PORT=1234

The code above is an example of Bash. It may differ in other shells.

Run webhook server

npm start

With the configuration above, the webhook listens on https://your.base.url:1234/callback.

ngrok usage

ngrok tunnels extenral requests to localhost, helps debugging local webhooks.

This example includes ngrok inside, and it just works if no BASE_URL is set. Make sure that other configurations are set correctly.

❯ npm start


It seems that BASE_URL is not set. Connecting to ngrok...
listening on

The URL can be directly registered as the webhook URL in LINE Developers console.