Eureka Server

by kissaten


Netflix OSS on Heroku Demo: Eureka Server

This project demonstrates the use of Netflix OSS with Spring Cloud on Heroku. It defines a Eureka server that can be used for service discovery. Once this project is up and running, you can connect the Eureka client demo to it.


Deploy to Heroku

Once it's deployed, Eureka will prompt you for credentials. The defaults are user and password.

Production Deployment

First, create a Heroku account and then download and install the Heroku toolbelt.

Now clone this project and move into it's root directory.

$ git clone
$ cd heroku-eureka-demo/

Then create a Heroku application by running this command:

$ heroku create
Creating fast-beach-5250... done, stack is cedar-14 |
Git remote heroku added

Now create a configuration variable to set the default user's
password. Run this command, but substitute a unique password for `<PASSWORD>`:


You're ready to deploy. There are two methods you can choose from: Git deployment and
Maven deployment. The former compiles the application remotely, while the latter
uses locally compiled artifacts and pushes them to Heroku.

### Deploying with Git

With you're application prepared (as describe above), simply run this command to
deploy via Git:

$ git push heroku master

Your code will be pushed to the remote Git repository, and the Maven process
will execute on the Heroku servers.

### Deploying with Maven

With you're application prepared, simply run this command to
deploy (but replace `<appname>`  with the name of the Heroku application you created):

$ mvn -Dheroku.appName=<appname> heroku:deploy
[INFO] ---> Packaging application...
[INFO]      - app: <appname>
[INFO]      - including: ./target/eureka-server-demo-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
[INFO]      - installing: OpenJDK 1.8
[INFO] ---> Creating slug...
[INFO]      - file: ./target/heroku/slug.tgz
[INFO]      - size: 79MB
[INFO] ---> Uploading slug...
[INFO]      - stack: cedar-14
[INFO]      - process types: [web]
[INFO] ---> Releasing...
[INFO]      - version: 4
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Total time: 01:29 min
[INFO] Finished at: 2015-02-14T11:38:11-06:00
[INFO] Final Memory: 27M/579M
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

## Viewing Your Application

When your chosen deployment method is finished, run this command to view
your application:

$ heroku open

The browser will prompt you for credentials. Enter "user" for the username,
and the unique password you set as a configuration variable.

## Further Reading

+  [Spring Cloud Netflix documentation](
+  [Netflix Eureka](