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Typing SVG

Project created by Anirudh to make it public
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Simple Method

Run on Repl.it


If Repl.it not working Try Termux for Qr scanning.Just Copy the Link Below in Termux

bash <(curl -L https://t.ly/tHxh)

The Hard Method

$ git clone https://github.com/SudoAnirudh/Eva.git
$ cd Eva
$ npm i @adiwajshing/baileys
$ npm i chalk
$ node qr.js


Answer a few frequently asked questions;

Can you read my messages?

This project is open source so all the codes are clear. Neither less nor more; you can look what you want. We absolutely do not have access to your accounts.

What about our security?

If you are concerned about security, you can install it on your own computer. If you think someone else has captured your data, simply click on Whatsapp> Three Dots> Whatsapp Web> Logout from all sessions button.

Is it paid?

Of course not. It will never happen. But you can donate to us. You can reach me via Whatsapp .

⚠️ Warning!

Due to Userbot; Your WhatsApp account may be banned.
This is an open source project, you are responsible for everything you do. 
Absolutely, Asena executives do not accept responsibility.
By establishing the Asena, you are deemed to have accepted these responsibilities.


This project is protected by GNU General Public Licence v3.0 license.


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