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FBBotTemplate: A simple Golang Facebook Bot Template

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Installation and Usage

1. Just Deploy the same on Heroku


Remember your heroku ID and app address. ex: https://APP_ADDRESS.herokuapp.com/

2. Create a Facebook Page

Make sure you already have Facebook account, if you need use FB Bot.

3. Go to Facebook Developer to create App

Create App, need select as follow:

  • New App type [Web App], create app
  • Add new product [Messenger]

4. Configuration Messenger Bot

Get token from Faccebook page.

  • Select a "Page" you own.
  • Go to "Meseenger" product.
  • It will generate token
  • copy it and store it.

5. Paste Token to Heroku

Go to heroku dashboard, go to "Setting" -> "Config Variables".

  • Add "Config Vars"
  • Name -> "TOKEN"
  • Value use token facebook app.

6. Back Facebook App configuration

  • Go to "Messenger" product
  • Go to "Setup Webhooks"
  • Fill https://APP_ADDRESS.herokuapp.com/webhook in callback URL.
  • Fill your token in "token".
  • Checked the checkbox "message_deliveres", "messages".

If your configuration is correct, it will show "completed".

Also remember to choose correct page in this setting.

7. Request basic permissions

In Messenger application review, press "Request Premission".

  • Checked the "pages_messaging".

How to testing it.

  • Go to your spcific "page" in Facebook.
  • Press "Send Message"

Video Tutorial to deploy this Bot

How to modification your Bot Code

  • Fork code here
  • Add remote repo https://git.heroku.com/APP_ADDRESS.git
  • Modify code on main.go first. especially in MessageReceived().
  • Commit and push it back to heroku git push heroku master.

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