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LineNotify template : A simple Golang Line Notify Bot template

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This is a template to help you if you want to implement Line Notify. It help us follow:

  • Authenication with Line Notify server
  • Help you to access token from Line Notify server
  • A notify entry point to notify Line Notify server

You can just try it or fork this repo to developing your own Line Notify server in Go.

Just want to try it?

  • Click this button and remember to login your Line account for authenication this notify.

  • Select one on one notification, click "Agreed and Connected"
  • It will help you to add friend with "Line Notify".

Installation for developer

1. Got A Line Bot API devloper account

Register your Line Notify Account

  • You need to fill all related info you need.
  • For "Service Site" and "Callback URL", just fill arbitrary web site with ""
  • Remember you need "Client ID" and "Client Secret" for Heroku setup.

2. Deploy to your Heroku account


Remember your heroku ID.

3. Config your Heroku Variables

Please config three variables as follow:

  • CallbackURL: Callback URL which should be
  • ClientID: Client ID from Line Notify page
  • ClientSecret: Client Secret from Line Notify page

3. Fork this project and add git remote to heroku.

This is example of my heroku settup.

In your fork repo, path

  • git add remote heroku

4. Update your related code.

  • Update govendor setting.
    • Install govendor
      • go get -u
    • Update root path
      • rm -Rf vendor
      • govendor init

5. Modify your code

6. Push to Heroku

  • git push -u heroku HEAD

Further Work:

If you want to implement business Line Notify service, you will need implement followsing after this repo.

  • Implement a database service to store all users' token and code.
  • Because Heroku server will force to shudown 6 hours per day, you will need to implement a dedicate server to notify Line Notify service once the notification happen anytime.

If you still have any questions, please file your issue and let me know.